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Heartland Dental Blog

Welcome to our blog - a home for information on the dental industry and dental support organizations, updates on Heartland Dental, and tips for success in the rewarding field of dentistry. We encourage you to explore this blog for thoughts, dental information, and tips. If you'd like to stay connected to Heartland Dental and receive informative updates on the latest happenings in dentistry, simply click "Subscribe."

Heartland Dental Blog

Affiliation Spotlight | Dr. Anne Galbreath


Since 1991, Dr. Anne Galbreath of Lifetime Dental of Flower Mound in Flower Mound, TX has made a name for herself in her community by providing high-quality care to her patients and expert instruction to students attending Baylor College of Dentistry...

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The Top 3 Reasons Dentists Affiliate With a DSO


Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) support roughly 7% of all dentists in the U.S. today. Still, many dentists are afraid that getting outside help will mean either a loss of control of their practice, or a more impersonal feel . So, why do dentists...

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3 Alternatives To Selling A Dental Practice


Building a successful practice takes years of planning and hard work, not to mention countless hours of “sweat equity.” This means that a practice is not just a source of income, but an asset to be managed—and, possibly, bought or sold.

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How Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) Evaluate a Potential Affiliation


More and more dentists are affiliating with Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), but there are various different business models for doing so. According to the 2017 report “Trends in the Development of the Dental Service Organization Model” put out by...

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What Are the Best Dental Support Organizations for Dentists?


In March of 2017, the American Dental Association estimated that 7.1% of dental practices are supported by dental support organizations (DSOs). As that number has grown, there has been an equal drop in the number of solo practitioners. Several...

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