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Elevating Dental Care: Heartland Dental's Diamond Trusted Certification

By Heartland Dental

One of the ways Heartland Dental differentiates our support model is through consistent, easy access to state-of-the art equipment, best-in-class sourcing methods and strong relationships with labs and suppliers.

Robert Mongrain, DMD, Director of Clinical Advocacy for Digital Clinical Technologies, Scanners and Labs, shared his valuable insights on Heartland Dental’s dedicated efforts to streamline the opportunities with labs and suppliers for Heartland Dental supported practices and challenge the many decades hold that manufacturers and distributors have held on the dental industry.

Why is having the right dental technology and supplies important for dentists to provide high-quality care?

Having the right dental technology and high-quality materials is essential for dentists to deliver the highest-quality care possible to their patients. Advanced dental technology allows for more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning, and enhanced precision during procedures. Quality supplies ensure the longevity and effectiveness of dental restorations, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction. This is why I support an entire team (Clinical Council) whose entire focus is obtaining the highest quality, most effective and best outcome for every technology and product we adopt.

Can you explain the significance of the Diamond Trusted brand established by Heartland Dental?

The Diamond Trusted brand is a crucial initiative by Heartland Dental to ensure our supported doctors receive the best quality services and products while benefiting from our extensive network of supported practices. Labs and supplies represent a significant portion of controllable expenses in a dental office, so we wanted to give our doctors confidence and control over their purchases. Diamond Trusted identifies services and products that have undergone rigorous testing and vetting by our Clinical Council, a team of highly respected doctors who clinically evaluate these offerings in their practices.

How are labs and suppliers vetted to become Diamond Trusted partners?

The process of becoming a Diamond Trusted partner involves meticulous clinical testing and verification. We have five hundred Doctors and Hygienists on our Clinical Council evaluators. They are Clinicians in everyday practice that undertake structured clinical trials to provide the most relevant feedback to the Clinical Council. Our Clinical Council plays a vital role in trialing and examining products in real-world dental practices. These esteemed doctors ensure that only the most effective and high-quality services and products receive the Diamond Trusted certification. Additionally, our strategic sourcing team negotiates with these labs and suppliers to secure industry-leading prices for our supported doctors.

What benefits do Heartland supported doctors gain from utilizing Diamond Trusted Labs and Supplies?

Diamond Trusted Labs and Supplies offer our supported doctors the ultimate buying power. They can have confidence in the quality and efficacy of these products, knowing they have been rigorously tested and their peers use these same products and services in their practices every day. Moreover, our negotiations with these partners ensure the best prices for our supported doctors, making high-quality care more accessible and cost-effective.  During a period of very high inflation in both the lab and supplies industry Heartland Dental and our supported doctors who chose Diamond Trusted labs and supplies were actually able to experience a significant reduction in those two categories in relation to overall revenue.

It is also important to note that while we offer Diamond Trusted Labs and Supplies, it is ultimately the doctor’s choice what supplies, labs, and equipment is used in their practice.

How does Heartland Dental prioritize offering cutting-edge products and technology to its supported doctors?

Dental suppliers and labs are in a period of rapid change. Our resources allow us to adapt to this environment more rapidly. From the beginning, Heartland Dental has made it a priority to provide more cutting-edge products and technology to supported doctors at reduced costs. Our strategic sourcing team works tirelessly to streamline opportunities with labs and suppliers, challenging the status quo in the dental industry. This dedication allows us to offer state-of-the-art equipment and tools consistently, enabling our doctors to provide world-class care without breaking the bank.

How does the Dentira marketplace contribute to reducing costs for supported doctors?

Dentira, the Heartland Dental funded, one-stop marketplace, helps doctors choose the best products to meet their needs in the dental office, at negotiated pricing. By providing access to both Diamond Trusted Supplies and a wide selection of other supplies, we have effectively limited price gouging by distributor middlemen. Dentira allows supported doctors to find the best prices for the products they need, ultimately benefiting their practices and patients.

What other means of support does Heartland Dental offer to create value for its supported dentists?

Heartland Dental is a doctor-led organization, and we continuously listen to doctor feedback to refine our processes and extend the Diamond Trusted brand. We offer easy access to state-of-the-art equipment, best-in-class sourcing methods, and tools, along with strong relationships with labs and suppliers. By leveraging our scale and resources, we aim to empower our supported dentists to provide exceptional care while maintaining cost-effectiveness. We endeavor to do this without limiting clinical results but by creating partnership with our supported Doctors and teams. As the second largest Dental supply purchaser in North America (behind the U.S. Government) we use our scale and resources to provide the very best Clinical supplies, labs and technologies to our supported doctors.

Learn more about how Heartland Dental can help you navigate today's payor, supplier, and support team challenges and opportunities.

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