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“My Heartland” Community Viewing

By Heartland Dental

This July Heartland Dental hosted a special viewing of the documentary “My Heartland” in Effingham, Illinois at the Effingham Performance Center. Over 650 people joined, eager to witness the inspiring journey of the Heartland Dental’s inception with its Founder and Executive Chairman, Rick Workman, DMD and other leaders and partners.  

Capturing the Company's Journey 

What began as a passion project to document Heartland Dental's story evolved into an uplifting documentary that captures the essence of the American dream. "My Heartland" isn't merely a documentary; it's a narrative that encapsulates the remarkable impact of one individual on an entire industry and the lives of thousands. The film showcases the experiences of Heartland Dental's supported doctors, leaders, and partners, weaving together a tapestry of inspiration and dedication. 

The documentary takes viewers on a remarkable journey through the life and career of Dr. Workman, who grew up on a farm in downstate Illinois. From the humble beginnings of a single dental practice, Dr. Workman's unwavering commitment led to the establishment of a 25-office group by 1997.  

Recognizing the need for doctors to have a better way to practice, he assembled a dedicated team that has since grown to support over 2,700 dentists in more than 1,700 dental offices across 38 states and the District of Columbia. And the company's support team, with 22,000 team members, remains committed to providing exceptional non-clinical administrative support while also creating meaningful career opportunities for local individuals. 

The community viewing at the Effingham Performance Center was an opportunity for community members, supported doctors, and team members to witness this remarkable story unfold, celebrating not only Heartland Dental's accomplishments but also the vibrant community that nurtured its growth. 

The Heart of Heartland Dental 

Effingham, Illinois, holds a special place in the heart of Heartland Dental. In 1980, Dr. Rick Workman opened his first dental office in Effingham, setting out on his journey in dentistry and planting the seeds of what would become the largest network of affiliated dental practices in America. Since then, the local community and workforce has played a pivotal role in propelling the company's growth, serving as a springboard for its expansion. 

Heartland Dental is ultimately the culmination of the efforts of many amazing people that have grown the company to what it is and are growing it to what it will be. And the “My Heartland” Community Viewing at the Effingham Performance Center was a reminder that every success story is woven with the threads of hard work, passion, and the unwavering spirit of a community united by a common purpose. 

Discover more at heartland.com/doctors. 

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