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Heartland Dental University - Always Learning. Always Leading.

By Heartland Dental

Heartland Dental knows the value of investing in development and has always provided supported doctors, their teams, and business and office professionals with continuing education opportunities. The Company recognizes education’s crucial role in supported doctor satisfaction and in fostering the success of supported doctors and their teams in delivering exceptional patient care.

This month, Heartland Dental unveiled its new educational flagship – Heartland Dental University (HDU), reflecting the Company’s unwavering commitment to providing supported doctors, their teams, and business and office professionals the opportunities they need to grow personally and professionally.

Anna Singh, DMD, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations shared how HDU reinforces Heartland’s commitment to continuous learning and will help supported doctors and team members unlock their full potential.

Heartland Dental’s Core Values drive the decisions and priorities across the company every day, and with Core Values that highlight the Company’s passion and commitment to constant and never-ending improvement; comradery; and working hard, smart, and together, it is no surprise that its continuing education offerings remain a top differentiator.

HDU both honors Heartland Dental's rich educational history and paves the way for future educational opportunities. Heartland Dental’s educational offerings have evolved over the years, and the team is consistently exploring ways to enhance the Company’s educational offerings. The launch of Heartland Dental University (HDU) marks the next step in this evolution, to help ensure that Heartland supported doctors, hygienists, and team members are empowered with the opportunities to build themselves personally and professionally to meet the shifting demands of the dental industry.

“Dentistry is a quickly evolving field, and it’s important we adapt to the changes. Heartland Dental is focused on providing supported doctors and their teams the educational opportunities, tools, and resources they need to continue to deliver the best possible patient care and experiences. HDU is an incredible resource for our community to gain access to advanced, practical, and innovative technical skills while also accessing learnings to help them become a better leader, businessperson, and human,” explained Dr. Singh. “We’ve designed academies for doctors, hygienists, dental assistants and business and office professionals to easily access the available resources that meet their specific development needs.”

Through HDU, current and future supported doctors, as well as team members and business and office professionals will have ample opportunities to help them maximize their personal and professional potential. In addition to accessing live, virtual, and on-demand workshops, HDU will offer classes led by external partners and industry leaders such as the Bell Leadership Academy and Today’s RDH.

Dr. Singh explained, “At the Doctor Academy, supported doctors will have opportunities to develop clinical mastery and effective leadership strategies to help them achieve greater success in their practices. And at the Hygiene Academy, hygienists will be able to collaborate with their peers across the country while learning the latest techniques and technologies - and immediately putting them into practice. Finally, for our team members who work in a dental office or provide administrative support, HDU will offer help with growing their business and leadership skills which will assist  them in providing the best possible support to doctors and teams.”

She continued, “Supported Doctors and clinical team members will also have the opportunities to be able to elevate their clinical skills by accessing hands-on and immersive in-person learning where guided by an experienced clinical training team they will undergo simulated tabletop exercises with real-time patient interactions to foster skill-building in areas like endodontics, implants, aesthetics, and oral surgery."

Dr. Singh further emphasized that the pursuit of knowledge at Heartland Dental University extends far beyond the confines of the classroom.

"At Heartland Dental University, the learning journey continues long after the completion of classes," Dr. Singh elaborated. "For instance, through the Doctor Academy, you gain exclusive access to a vast network of peers nationwide, ready to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout your career. Our support network also assigns mentors to newly supported doctors, enabling them to seek advice and answers. In addition, Heartland Dental University instructors remain available for any inquiries before and after classes, while study clubs, workshops, and dinners offer further opportunities for collaborative growth and knowledge sharing."

Heartland Dental University represents a significant milestone in the organization's commitment to offering continuing education. It reflects Heartland Dental's unwavering dedication to providing supported doctors and their teams with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

"At Heartland Dental University, we are Always Learning and Always Leading. Our supported doctors and their teams have a powerful platform to unlock their full potential, ensuring a bright future for all,” Dr. Singh reflected.

Learn more at heartland.com/HDU.

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