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Supporting Dental Hygienists & Their Careers

By Heartland Dental

At Heartland Dental we're proud to support doctors and their team members. An essential part of that team is the dental hygienists. We're featuring the stories of some of our dental hygienists on the blog to give you insight on what it's like to be part of our dental hygiene network! 

Check out Sarah's story! 

"I have been a hygienist for eight years. I completed dental hygiene school at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. After graduation, I worked in a private practice for over a year and was not looking for a job in a corporate setting. Heartland Dental was an extremely pleasant surprise for me and my career. It's been a completely different experience for me than what I originally expected. Heartland Dental is a doctor led company and focuses on synchronizing with supported doctors and team members. My typical day starts out with a motivating morning meeting to plan for our day. Usually, I see a mix of patients in a busy, fast-paced environment while providing the best quality care possible. Being a dental hygienist for Heartland Dental has been amazing for my career. In this role, I stay up-to-date on cutting edge technology through continuing education classes, as well as immersion with the various products and techniques. I love that I get to work proactively to give my patients the best preventative care possible.  

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and become complacent in patient care, but with this company, you're always kept on your toes and held accountable to ensure you are giving your patients the care they deserve. Dental care is a daily practice and there is always a network of dental hygienists to help you work through problems or answer questions you might have. 

Heartland Dental has helped me realize that I don't just want to treat a dental disease, I want to prevent it for my patients. This company has also given me confidence and taught me the value of being positive and adaptable." 

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