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Marketing Your Dental Practice

Heartland Dental Grows National Network of Supported Offices with Acquisition of Tru Family Dental

Heartland Dental Grows National Network of Supported Offices with Acquisition of Tru Family Dental


Heartland Dental Grows National Network of Supported Offices with Acquisition of Tru Family Dental

Twenty-three Dental Offices Across Illinois and Michigan Join Nation's Largest Dental Service Organization

NEWS PROVIDED BYHeartland Dental Dec 22, 2020, 13:15 ET


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When managing your dental practice, you’ll be pulled in so many different directions that it may be hard to keep track of everything. However, one aspect that you shouldn’t neglect is marketing your dental practice.We pulled together our best tips for successfully marketing your dental practice:

Create a Website

Having an online presence is incredibly important in driving new patients to your practice, it will allow potential patients to learn more about your practice, the services you offer and your team. A website not only allows patients to learn more about your practice but it will also be the best place for them to find your contact information.

Use SEO Marketing

The next step is to boost your online presence; a great way to accomplish this is through SEO (search engine optimization) marketing. This type of online marketing will help you rank higher in searches. This is critical as most people won’t look past the first few pages in a Google search. By ranking higher, there’s a much better chance that a prospective patient will spot your practice.

Utilize a Patient Referral System

It’s suggested that over half of new patient growth for established dental practices should come from patient referrals. Patient referrals are a great way to build your patient base because your current patients will refer someone like themselves.

Use Direct Mail

While the using technology and the internet may be the future (and the present as well), sending out postcards can be just as vital of a tool when it comes to marketing. Truthfully, any kind of repetition is useful in marketing for dental offices. When people hear or see your practice’s name over and over, they’ll be more likely to consider the practice in the future because the name seems familiar.

Encourage Your Patients to Write Reviews

One of the best ways that a potential patient can feel more comfortable about visiting a new dental practice is by reading a few good reviews. By encouraging your patients to write online reviews of their experience at your practice, you’ll make new patients feel better about choosing to see you. Oh, and make sure that you’re providing a great service before encouraging them to write a review too!

Get Involved in the Community

Your ideal patients consist of those that are nearby your practice – essentially, your community. We recommend marketing your dental practice by getting your name out through participating in community events. This can include volunteer activities or you can even sponsor a youth sports team.

At Heartland Dental, we have a team of experienced marketing professionals that serve as your personal marketing agency! Let us support your marketing needs, visit our affiliations page to learn more!