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Welcome to our blog - a home for information on the dental industry and dental support organizations, updates on Heartland Dental, and tips for success in the rewarding field of dentistry. We encourage you to explore this blog for thoughts, dental information, and tips. If you'd like to stay connected to Heartland Dental and receive informative updates on the latest happenings in dentistry, simply click "Subscribe."

Leadership Opportunities with DSOs

Affiliation Story | Dr. Richard Gangwisch

Affiliation Story | Dr. Richard Gangwisch


Since 1977, Dr. Richard Gangwisch of Killian Hill Dental Care in Lilburn, GA has made a name for himself in the community by providing high-quality care to his patients and by being an active member of the professional community. At the point in his career where he...

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At Heartland Dental, we're proud to have created a nationwide professional network of some of the brightest, most passionate minds in dentistry. The Heartland Dental family ranges from fresh dental school graduates eager to learn, grow, and make their mark on the field of dentistry to seasoned professionals who've owned a practice for decades and established themselves as a leader in the dental field – and everything in between. No matter what level of experience, education, or professional development a member of the Heartland Dental family is at, we strive to consistently offer excellent opportunities for leadership and professional growth at every stage of a dental career.

Professional Development for Dentists and Dental Professionals

As a large, diverse dental support organization supporting dental professionals across the nation, we have a plethora of leadership and professional growth opportunities right in our network. For young dentists and professionals, the Heartland Dental network encompasses supported offices all across the United States, and we work hard to match job candidates with a supported dental practice and working environment where they'll truly thrive.

For more experienced dentists and professionals, we provide superlative continuing education programs, leadership opportunities, and networking connections to help take their dental career to the next level. In fact, our Doctor Mastery Program is a groundbreaking educational program designed to bring experienced dentists to the level of mastery and industry leadership.

Apply At A Supported Office

Whether you're just starting your journey in the dental industry or you've been a professional for decades, Heartland Dental is here to help you bring your career to the next level. No matter what your level of experience or goals, we'll provide you the support, resources, and opportunities to further your career, achieve your dreams, and fulfill your professional and personal potential. So go ahead – take the first step. Find a supported office today and begin your newest, greatest journey in the rewarding field of dentistry!