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Heartland Dental’s LAUNCH Returns

By Dr. Rick Workman

Since my humble beginnings as a dentist in Effingham, IL (practicing out of a house) in 1980, I’ve been fortunate to play a role in helping many young dentists and dentists-to-be define success on their terms. This is at the heart of why I created Heartland Dental: offer a better way for dentists of all experience levels to achieve their career objectives, all while creating successful careers for their dental office teams. That’s how I define our net worth.

I’m proud that Heartland Dental has forged a legacy of not only assisting supported dentists in the business of dentistry but also in best practices in leadership. This is at the heart of why Launch was created; helping young dentists harness their talents not only to be successful dentists but also to be exemplary leaders.

This summer in Chicago, Heartland Dental will hold its second-annual Launch leadership summit from June 20-22. Tailored for third-year and fourth-year dental students, this all-expenses-paid event will feature invaluable seminars and sessions designed to help attending students develop their leadership skills, network with colleagues and start to formulate their objectives for successful careers in dentistry. One hundred and two dental students representing 60 dental schools from across the country will be in attendance.

We heard from students who attended last year’s event that it helped them focus not only on their definitions for successful dentistry, but on whether they were focused on effective leadership. This is an important consideration for a young dentist, who is just starting out. Dentists today are bombarded career options: Do I launch right into owning my own practice? Do I establish an associateship with an existing dental office? Do I align with a dental support organization? These are all viable considerations that command attention long before graduation.

We believe that whether a young dentist chooses Heartland Dental’s support or not, Launch is an ideal event that can offer insights on what paths may work best for what they want to accomplish. I’m excited to share that the 2019 Launch event will feature author, lecturer & President of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., Mark Sanborn, as well as leadership trainer and speaker for the Bell Leadership Institute, Elizabeth Gulledge, PH.D. Additional sessions and panels will also be offered.

Check out highlights from the 2018 Launch event here.




Dr. Rick Workman 

Founder & Executive Chairman, Heartland Dental



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