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Heartland Dental Welcomes Its First Supported Office in Utah

By Heartland Dental

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Heartland Dental – our expansion of supporting offices in Utah! Skyridge Valley Dental Care in Lehi, Utah, recently opened its doors on April 12th, marking the first collaboration to open a supported de novo practice in the state. This extends Heartland Dental's supported network to 39 states and the District of Columbia, supporting over 2,800 doctors in more than 1,700 offices.


Empowering Doctors, Enhancing Care

In 2024 our commitment to expanding access to high-quality dental care will continue with plans to collaborate to open at least 90 de novos, continuing our dedication to collaborating on establishing state-of-the-art supported practices. These facilities, each boasting 10-12 operatories, will be conveniently located near essential community amenities like supermarkets, banks, and other healthcare providers.

Heartland Dental is committed to growth not only geographically, but also within our existing network. We're actively expanding our affiliations, targeting 60-80 of the nation's leading practices. This dual focus on de novo development and affiliations has been a cornerstone of our success for over 25 years.


Heartland Dental actively supports doctors and hygienists by:

  • Recruiting top talent: We partner with world-class professionals to ensure our supported practices are able to be staffed by the best.
  • Expansion opportunities: We provide our supported practices with the resources to add new operatories, increasing patient capacity.
  • Educational programs: Through collaborations with Heartland Dental University (HDU), we offer a comprehensive range of educational resources for continuous learning and development.


A Commitment to Continued Excellence

As we move forward in 2024 and beyond, Heartland Dental remains committed to enhancing its support services and solutions. Our goal is to empower doctors to achieve their dreams of professional and financial success, ultimately delivering the best possible care to patients across the nation.

Click here to discover how Heartland Dental is providing a platform for dental professionals to make a positive impact on patients’ lives and thrive in their careers.

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