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Employee Spotlight: Patient Services Representative

By Heartland Dental

Meet Patient Services Representative Stephanie Shaffer! As a PSR, Stephanie works hard to ensure that our supported office's patients have a seamless experience when they call an office with questions. In just one month, our team of PSRs booked more than 8,000 additional appointments for supported offices! Let's learn more about how they do it.

"Hi! My name is Stephanie Shaffer, and I have been with the Patient Services department at Heartland Dental for five years. I chose Heartland Dental because dentistry offers many opportunities and rewards. It is rapidly changing and expanding as well. I really wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives and help shape the future of oral health!

Patient Services is a dedicated team of individuals that help support our offices and supported doctors with their overflow of calls. This allows our supported offices to just focus on their patients. Some of the things we handle for our offices is scheduling new and existing patients for their appointments. We can also take payments and are able to briefly go over treatment plans with the patients. We are even able to send x-rays along with referrals in house along with many other scenarios.

Some of my favorite memories with Heartland Dental are always at our company holiday parties. It is wonderful to get together with the other departments and get to have some fun while still learning more about one another and their specific department.

If I had any advice to give someone looking to join Patient Services with Heartland Dental, it would be to be prepared to interact with all kinds of people. Always be willing to acquire new skills, and most importantly, to be patient and excited!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I am married and have two wonderful children
  • I am adopted and just recently found my biological family and it has been AMAZING!
  • I used to be the lead singer of a local band
  • I am currently learning how to play the violin and guitar"

Think you'd like to join our Support Office team? Visit jobs.heartland.com to explore opportunities! 

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