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Midwinter Meeting Spotlight | A Passion for Dental Knowledge and Empowerment

By Heartland Dental

Later this week, dental professionals from across the country will descend on Chicago for the 155th Midwinter Meeting. Starting Thursday, February 20, and wrapping up Saturday, February 22, members of the dental community will gather to learn from leaders in dental education, try out the latest industry innovations, and overall, enjoy an exciting event amongst their peers.

Heartland Dental will be one of the more than 650 exhibiting companies, but the real star Midwinter is the plethora of educational opportunities awaiting professionals this week. Here at Heartland Dental, we pride ourselves on providing world-class education opportunities, but that doesn't stop with our state-of-the-art training facility at the Effingham Support Office. This weekend, you can get a sample of the training developers hard at work at Heartland Dental.

At this year’s Midwinter Meeting, our very own Sherrie Busby will be partnering with the Illinois Dental Assistants Association for a round table discussion of a variety of topics impacting your dental practice.

Get To Know - Sherrie Busby

If you had asked Sherrie more than a decade ago if she’d be making a career at a dental support organization (DSO), she probably would have some questions for you. Following a proven career as a dental assistant, she had established herself as a fountain of knowledge in her field. Then, in 2007, she found her “home” working as a clinical assistant in an Ocala, FL, office where she had been fulfilling temporary positions. That office ended up being affiliated with Heartland Dental. While skeptical at first, Busby quickly realized her values and Heartland Dental’s were one and the same.

“They had the same patient care philosophy that I do. And I just thought, ‘Wow! I don’t have to change how I think about things. This is a perfect fit,’” Busby remembers.

As part of becoming a member of the Heartland Dental family, Busby went to an orientation class. She recalls the instructor asked her where she saw herself in five years. To which she responded:

“Teaching this class.”

And in due time, that vision came to pass. This past November marks 11 years Busby has been working with Heartland Dental, first from the clinical side as a dental assistant, then later on as a Dental Assistant Training Developer and an OSHA Training Developer.

In these roles, she regularly speaks to dental assistants and provides information and training on dental software, documentation guidelines, and clinical techniques. As a wealth of knowledge for OSHA and sterilization guidelines, she is also constantly fielding questions. A typical day for Busby consists of meeting with key stakeholders, developing educational content, and partnering with the compliance team on OSHA requirements. But her true passion will always be for those in the position that started it all – dental assistants.

Giving Dental Assistants The Credit They Deserve

“[Dental assistants] have to think ahead. They have to be almost visionaries, mind readers, to be able to help the doctors. They also have to have a serious amount of compassion, so they can help people be comfortable,” Busby explains.

She adds dental assistants are some of the most versatile professionals in the industry. Not only do they partner with everyone in a dental office, but they also have a hand in several processes, including inventory control, patient management, and knowing a doctor’s work inside and out.

“They have the power to change peoples’ lives every day.”

With close ties to the profession herself, Busby continues to serve the dental assistant community outside of the training she develops. Currently, she serves as secretary for the Illinois Dental Assistants Association (ILDAA), with whom she’s partnering for the breakout session on Saturday, February 22. She is also on the membership committee for the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA).

What To Expect At The Session

Busby will be presenting at the afternoon session of “Let’s Talk: Round Table Discussions of Topics Concerning our Dental Practices.” She will speak on the topic of radiation protection, touching on guidelines to protect patients and team members. Other topics up for discussion include (but are not limited to): volunteering, water line contamination, and dental emergencies.

The session is free to attend for registered Midwinter participants, but you must sign up to come. Further details can be found below:

Let’s Talk: Round Table Discussions of Topics Concerning our Dental Practices

  • Saturday, February 22nd
    • 8:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. (F334)
    • 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. (F369)*

*Denotes Sherrie Busby's Section

ILDAA CDS Midwinter 2020 Flyer


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