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Employee Spotlight: Admin Assistant

By Heartland Dental

It’s National Administrative Professionals' Day! To celebrate, we wanted to shine the spotlight on one of our own. Trust us, this place doesn’t function without them!

“Hi! My name is Cheryl Heuerman, and I’m an executive admin. I have been with Heartland Dental for six years. Before joining Heartland Dental, every career move that I had ever made was based on my kids and their ages. My kids were all out of high school and joining Heartland Dental was a career change for me! I have GREAT flexibility and have seen work/life balance at its finest the past year. This is something that I am incredibly grateful for!

I am an executive admin to Todd Petersen, Darcy Sementi and Dr. Anna Singh. I also have four team members that report directly to me. Every day is different but a huge part of my day is managing calendars. I know that sounds crazy but these folks are on the move, and things are constantly changing! Some of my other responsibilities include booking travel, assisting with onsite and offsite meetings, answering phones and numerous miscellaneous tasks. There is NEVER a dull moment!

My favorite part of my job is the people that I get to work with. Our team touches every department at Support Office which allows us to meet and work with so many awesome people. I also love our admin team; they are a great bunch of people.

I have so many great memories since joining Heartland Dental, but there is one that always comes to mind. I had the privilege of taking a Heartland Dental class called The Power of One, several years ago. A fellow coworker, LeAnn Hardiek, and I partnered for our service project. We volunteered at St. Jude Hospital in Tennessee for a day, which turned out to be one of the most rewarding days of my life. Not only was time at the hospital unbelievable, but a weekend with LeAnn, before she lost her battle to cancer, was eye-opening. I’m very grateful that Heartland Dental gave me the opportunity to do something like this as I am almost certain I would never have done it myself. I hope to go back again in the future.

If I had any advice to give someone looking to join the Heartland Dental family, it would be - be patient with yourself! This is a very complex business, and it takes awhile to figure it all out. Ask lots of questions; everyone is here to help you!

Enough about work! Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I have a one-year-old grandson who is the cutest little guy in the world! I have about 1,000 pictures/videos on my phone, so feel free to stop by my cube and ask to see them if you’re ever in Effingham.
  • My thumbs look like they got smashed in a car door. I used to tell people that when I was younger. Thumbs like mine are called club thumbs or toe thumbs. Try texting with these things!
  • I marched in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena California my senior year in high school. (Marching band at Newton High School - Go Eagles!)
  • I have an amazing grandmother that is 101 years old! She lives on her own, cooks three meals a day and does her laundry. She’s my idol.
  • Doug Jansen is my brother. Doug works in the Development department and sits about 25 steps away from me. Guess who is older?!?”

Think you'd like to join our Support Office team? Visit jobs.heartland.com to explore opportunities!

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