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Emphasizing Oral Hygiene During the Holiday Season

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Importance of Oral Hygiene During the Holidays.

The holidays are coming up fast, and while we're sure many dental professionals in the Heartland Dental family are excited to spend some time relaxing with loved ones, the holidays often pose a danger to patients' teeth. As many of our readers know all too well, the cookies, cakes, and sweets that most of us love to enjoy during the holidays can wreak havoc on teeth and enamel. That's why for dental appointments before and during the holidays, a major theme should be preventative care and oral hygiene. 

Focusing on Prevention

From now until New Years, the major theme of your appointments with patients should be oral hygiene. In addition to the influx of sugary, acidic foods and drinks that many people take in during the holidays, it's easy for patients to neglect brushing and flossing during trips to visit family or on vacation. These two factors combine to pose a major threat to teeth – and your best bet at fighting that threat is encouraging patients to be vigilant on their own oral hygiene.

During visits with patients, make sure to spend a good portion of time talking about oral hygiene with them. In addition to the regular mantra of emphasizing the importance of brushing and flossing, you can also go into more detail on the mechanics of how sugary and acidic foods act on teeth, explaining that the longer these foods are left on the teeth, the more damage they do. 

Talk openly with your patients, and also try to understand their own unique concerns and difficulties: what makes it harder for them to brush regularly? When do they find themselves skipping brushing and flossing? What dangerous foods can they just not resist? Getting their personal perspective will help you tailor your advice to help them, and having them participate in the dialogue will also help them invest more in caring for their own teeth. By working with your patients, you can help them see the importance of oral hygiene during the holidays and create strategies for keeping their teeth clean and healthy during this dangerous season. 

Partner with Your Dental Support Organization

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