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Employee Spotlight: Dental Hygienist 

By Heartland Dental

A dental hygienist is an important part of the dental team because they provide preventative oral care and educate patients on how to maintain their dental health. Being a dental hygienist is a very rewarding career, and today you’ll read about a dental hygienist's path with Heartland Dental. 

"I had been at the same dental office for 28 years when I found out we were affiliating with Heartland Dental. Our doctor told us about the support we’d be receiving, and I was excited because I felt Heartland Dental valued me as a hygienist and was providing me with opportunities to grow in my field.

In fact, we had a fantastic front office manager for many years who left to work elsewhere. When we became a Heartland Dental supported office, I called her immediately and told her about all the fantastic opportunities. She rejoined our team, and recently received her five year plaque!

From the beginning, Heartland Dental provided many classes that improved every aspect of patient care and office communication for a better work environment. The company also helped us renovate our supported office, and I feel so proud to work in such a beautiful environment. It makes me feel good when patients comment on the improvements we’ve made, and I feel more like a professional working in this updated environment.

An average day at our supported office starts with a morning huddle where our entire team reviews the schedule and goals for the week and month. Morning huddles not only keep us organized, they’re also a time for us to laugh and enjoy each other’s company before we start the day. I typically see 9 – 11 patients. I’ve learned that patients want more than just their teeth cleaned – they want as much information as possible for their specific dental health concern. I have a very strong work ethic, so many years ago I transitioned from the thought that ‘this is a job’ to ‘this is a career.’ I have a strong sense of community where I work, and I’m truly passionate about building a great relationship with my patients.  It makes me happy to see improvements in a their oral health, and we always celebrate at the next appointment. Heartland Dental has empowered me as a healthcare provider, and they recognize the importance of relationships and trust.

In my 28 years, this has been my best season as a dental hygienist. We have an incredible team, and I truly love my job. We work incredibly hard every day, but as everyone who comes in and out of the doors knows that we thrive on our upbeat and supportive envrionment. Everyone at our supported office has a common goal - to love what we do, and have fun doing it." 

If you're interested in job opportunities at Heartland Dental, please visit our Heartland Dental career site.

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