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2017 Dental Advancements

By Heartland Dental

Anyone working in the dental industry knows what a dynamic field it is – but sometimes, some of the most exciting developments don't make it into the headlines. At Heartland Dental, we're proud to help dentists, dental hygienists and dental professionals all over the nation build thriving careers in this rewarding industry – so we wanted to outline some of the most exciting new advancements in dentistry this year.

New Biomaterials to Reverse Tooth Decay

An exciting study discovered a new method to treat demineralization – the process by which teeth are stripped of fluoride, calcium and other vital minerals as a precursor to the formation of cavities. Researchers treated demineralized teeth with a new bioactive glass material containing fluoride. Not only did the treatment stop the demineralization process, but it even showed signs of reversing it, adding back minerals to the damaged enamel. This may lead to new treatments for tooth decay.

Using Squid Ink to Fish for Gum Disease

Having a dentist fish around your gums for signs of periodontitis isn't always a pleasant experience – but thanks to a “fishy” new process, it might get easier! Researchers combined squid ink with light and ultrasound to develop a promising new imaging technique that may make it easier and more convenient to spot plaque, bacteria, and signs of gum disease. This could make dental exams faster and more comfortable for patients.

Why Mouth Wounds Heal the Fastest

Have you ever noticed that any small cuts or scratches in your mouth tend to heal much faster than the same kind of injury on, say, your forearm? A new study has shed light on why that's the case. It turns out that a peptide (a chemical similar to a protein) found in saliva called histatin-1 promotes angiogenesis, or the formation of blood vessels. Angiogenesis is critical to the efficiency of wound healing, which explains why wounds in the mouth heal faster despite the fact that they're consistently exposed to contaminants in the form of food and bacteria in the mouth.

Find a Job in the Dental Industry with Heartland Dental

Truth be told, this is just a tiny sample of the exciting developments happening every day in the dental industry – and if you're interested in starting a rewarding career in this thriving field, Heartland Dental can help. As the nation's largest dental support organization, we have a network of supported practices, dentists and dental professionals spanning the country, and if you're looking for a dental job, we can connect you with a great one. Call us today at (866) 929-0040 to find out more about Heartland Dental, or browse our dental job openings online. We look forward to helping you thrive!





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