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Welcome to the Heartland Dental Family, RLJ Dental of Wisconsin

By Dr. Rick Workman

This is going to sound like a cliché, but even with more than 900 supported dental offices making up Heartland Dental, we mean it when we say welcoming a newly affiliated dental office just never gets old. This was the case when we recently welcomed six dental offices of RLJ Dental of Wisconsin into the Heartland Dental family.

What an honor! RLJ Dental is a successful group practice started 20 years ago by Jeffrey R. Lang, DDS. This group grew to 12 dental offices, and six of them are now newly affiliated and newly supported by Heartland Dental. RLJ Dental is successful in its own right. So, why would a strong group of dentists want to affiliate with a dental support organization (DSO) like Heartland Dental—especially when things are going good?

Doctor-Led Culture

Supported dentists don’t spend their time and money going through years of undergraduate studies, dental school, and even fellowships just to go to work for an organization where they lose the autonomy to lead. Heartland Dental was created by a dentist for dentists and we maintain our dentist-led culture because we exist to service their needs as they lead their teams to create excellent patient experiences.

Elite Continuing Education

Maintaining a close connection to continuing clinical education is part of the fabric that makes us Heartland Dental. Through our vast curriculum—delivered in person and online, on demand via the Heartland Dental intranet—supported dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and business administrators alike can continue to grow and hone their skill sets.

Long-Term Stability

Heartland Dental offers supported dentists more leverage to cultivate a stable foundation for their teams all while serving the oral health needs of their local communities. We focus on supported office teams at every layer. Hygienists, business associates, dental assistants and other technicians can tap into thoughtful career paths, competitive compensation and benefits, as well as opportunities for career advancement.


Affiliating dentists know that with the nation’s largest DSO they are leveraging the strength of the national organization. This is evident through our national network of more than 1,400 supported dentists and even more clinical hygienists and dental assistants; our relationships with payers; our pricing on supplies and labs, and more.

Dr. Lang recently put it best when he said, “not all DSOs are created equal”. We are proud of the fact that he and his team of doctors recognized the differences in an affiliation with Heartland Dental among all other DSOs.




Dr. Rick Workman 

Founder & Executive Chairman, Heartland Dental


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