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The Importance of Community Involvement

By Heartland Dental

Community involvement is a great way to give back. It shows your customers and those in your area that you care about them and the community you serve. It also demonstrates your commitment to your neighbors and community partners. The more frequently you get involved in your community, the stronger ties you’ll be able to build with those who matter most. Furthermore, frequent community involvement is a great way to get your business name out there and let people know what you’re all about.

Community involvement comes in many different forms and can be carried out in a variety of ways. Below are some ideas for you to consider having your team participate in to start getting involved in the community you serve:

Volunteer. There are hundreds of thousands of people and organizations across the globe in need of volunteer help. And there are places in your community that have a need for volunteers as well. Research what non-profit groups and organizations currently exist in your area, and reach out to them to find out how you and your team members can help with their cause. This might involve spending a few hours during an evening or the weekend volunteering at their site or at an off-site location. Not only will this greatly contribute to the group you are helping, but it will also serve as an excellent team-building opportunity for you and your team.

Participate in an eventMany non-profit organizations, charitable causes and community leaders host events that other community members can get involved in. Whether the event is being hosted to contribute to a cause or if it is simply serving as a fun community-building and networking opportunity, community events are another great way to show your neighbors that you care.

Host an event.You can also show your appreciation for your community by hosting an event. Give back to your community by organizing an event that demonstrates your dedication to being a valuable asset to the area you serve. Your event can be held as a fundraiser for a cause that’s important to you, as a way to offer free or discounted services to your fellow community members, or simply as a way to showcase your business and network with those who matter most.

There are many ways you can show your community you care by getting involved at the local level. Brainstorm with your team to find out what they would like to participate in most. This will make it as meaningful as possible and will serve as a way to boost team morale for weeks to come. By continuously staying involved, you’re not only benefiting your business but more importantly, you’re also benefiting your community.

Our supported offices understand the importance of giving back and the impact they can have on their communities. It's for that very reason our supported offices actively participate in mission trips, Free Dentistry Days™ and My Free Smile™. To learn more about how our supported offices give back to their communities visit our website.


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