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The Affiliation Open Event Helps Practice Owners Learn What Value Heartland Dental Can Create

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How to Grow Your Dental Practice: Marketing


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A major aspect that separates Heartland Dental from many other dental support organizations (DSOs) is the company’s affiliation process. Practice owners from across the country who are looking for even more autonomy and long-term success, or seeking more opportunities to balance their lives outside of their practice with Heartland Dental’s support. We have facilitated the transition of 265 successful offices in the last five years alone.

But it’s a big decision for practice owners to choose DSO support. After building a successful practice from the ground up, it’s certainly understandable that owner dentists would have questions and fear the unknown. That is the why Heartland Dental created the Affiliation Open event.

What is the Affiliation Open?

This event is held across the country, bringing practice owners from different regions together to learn more about who Heartland Dental is, why it exists and how we can create more of what they want. Each event features one of the company’s top leaders, including President and CEO, Patrick Bauer, and Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr. Rick Workman. In addition, a number of supported practice owners who have found success with Heartland Dental share their stories. The event is held as an open forum for attendees to ask questions and learn from fellow dentists, so they have more input when making the right choice for them.

“Events like the Affiliation Open are important channels for us to communicate the mission and vision of Heartland Dental and what that can mean for their individual situations,” said Dr. Workman. “We want to be as transparent and open as possible with how we can help, and alleviate any concerns and answer questions these dentists may have about the affiliations process and our company.”

To date, Heartland Dental has held six Affiliation Open events with many more to come. To learn more about the affiliations process with Heartland Dental, please click here.