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Supporting the Next Generation of Dental Hygienists

Heartland Dental Shines Bright with Diamond Trusted Lab Partner Expansion

Heartland Dental Shines Bright with Diamond Trusted Lab Partner Expansion


A dentist needs the right tools to succeed, including the right dental technology and high-quality materials. Otherwise, how can they provide the highest-quality care possible? From the beginning, Heartland Dental has made offering more cutting edge products and...

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Heartland Dental is all about offering world-class education opportunities to supported dentists and teams, but we also make supporting dental education overall a priority. We want to help support the next generation of dentists and dental professionals as much as possible.

Recently, Heartland Dental was excited to help further educational opportunities for future hygienists attending Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois. With an $850,000 donation, Lake Land College was able to purchase all new equipment for their hygiene lab, which will now be known as the “Heartland Dental Dental Hygiene Lab” for the next five years and possibly further. An official ribbon cutting was held on Friday, September 28th to celebrate the new facility.

This new equipment includes dental units, chairs and equipment that allow students to receive hands-on training and experiences found in the workplace. Lake Land College was also able to install computers and software in the stations to chart electronically, enter patient information and data and receive training on technology current to many offices in the industry. All in all, hygiene students attending the college will have more opportunities to advance their skills and prime themselves for successful careers.

If you're interested in job opportunities at Heartland Dental, please visit our Heartland Dental career site.