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Supporting Our Own During Harvey and Irma

By Heartland Dental

This fall, Heartland Dental and the rest of the world has seen the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. So many people, including those in our own network, were forced to evacuate their homes and leave behind their belongings, not knowing what they would come home to.

Countless Heartland Dental team members and an estimated 236 of our supported offices were directly impacted by these storms. In response to the devastation, we setup a Disaster Relief Fund to financially assist those affected. We realized that we don’t know what the future holds, and we want to be able to extend a helping hand to any Heartland Dental team member or supported doctor who may find themselves facing disaster.

Through funds from both internal and external parties, we were able to raise approximately $45,000. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity! Heartland Dental matched the fundraising total, which means we raised over $90,000 for members of our network in need.

Throughout this turmoil, we’ve witnessed our Heartland Dental family come together in so many wonderful ways. Our supported offices across the country have participated in their own fundraising efforts and offered to help in any way possible. Even those who were affected by the storms have asked what they can do to help their colleagues, patients and communities.

“One of my team members put my mom and me up for the days we were out of our home,” said Cheryl Craig, a Lead Dental Assistant Mentor. “Our supported office sent out smile blasts and posted on Facebook to let patients and people in the community without electricity know they could come by to get water and charge their cell phones. We also provided toothbrushes and toothpaste if it was needed.”

Jennifer Krause, a dental hygienist, said members of her team prepped their supported office for the hurricane, and no damage was done.

“Our Practice Manager of Operations and Dental Assistant went into the pouring rain to get 30 sandbags for our supported office and team members who needed some for their homes,” she said. “It’s been a terrible experience, but it’s times like these that you see how everyone comes together to help those in need.”

Many members of our network were unable to work due to the storms, and our President and CEO, Pat Bauer, stepped up to help.

“It was important to me that members of our Heartland Dental family who were unable to work due to the storms, still received pay and insurance coverage. I often talk about doing the right thing for the right reason, and this situation is no different,” he said.

Without the dedication and support from our Heartland Dental community, getting the majority of our supported offices up and running again would not have been possible! 

For a special video message from our President and CEO, click here.

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