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Heartland Dental Regional Director Helps Raise Oral Cancer Awareness

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April is oral cancer awareness month. Unfortunately, oral cancer continues to be a growing issue for many. According to the American Cancer Society, around 53,000 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2019, and an estimated 10,860 people will succumb to this disease.

But fortunately, many organizations and individuals are doing everything they can to spread awareness for oral cancer and raise donations to help those affected. One such initiative took place on Friday, April 26th – dentistry’s first ever, live-streamed Oral Cancer Awareness Socialthon held by DentalCast Productions. This was held to support Oral Cancer Cause, Inc., and the work they are doing to prevent oral cancer.

This event featured a variety of speakers and guests from the dental industry, all focused on raising oral cancer awareness. One featured guest was Angela Zourdos, Regional Director of Operations at Heartland Dental. Angela spoke about the importance shedding more light on this and helping those in need. This is not the only oral cancer initiative Angela is involved with. She has also been heavily involved with the Bubble Gum Challenge, another initiative created by Oral Cancer Cause, Inc., which also helps generate awareness and funds for oral cancer survivors. This initiative challenges individuals to blow a bubble for those loved ones who can’t, due to the effects of oral cancer. Then they pass that challenge on to others, and so on, creating widespread awareness and support along the way. Angela also started a Bubble Gum 5K run/walk in her local community, now two years in a row, to assist with the cause.

Since being founded by Dr. Rick Workman, Heartland Dental has always strived to support important initiatives in the dental industry, such as oral cancer awareness, and countless team members have dedicated their time to making an impact. Angela is a great example of this, and we thank her for her ongoing commitment to helping those in need.