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Heartland Dental Now Supporting 1,000 Dental Offices Nationwide

By Heartland Dental

Since its founding in 1997, Heartland Dental has strived to bring to life the vision of founder Dr. Rick Workman by providing non-clinical business support to help dentists find a more rewarding way to practice dentistry. Today, that vision endures as the company hit a colossal milestone by now providing support to 1,000 dental offices, including more than 1,600 dentists across 37 states.

From a start of providing services to just a handful of practices in one state, Heartland Dental has since grown to become the nation’s largest dental support organization and the first to reach this critical mass of support. However, this is nowhere close to the top for the company’s growth.

“Reaching this momentous occasion of supporting 1,000 offices is a testament to our doctor-focused culture. I believe we’ll continue to grow because dentists increasingly value how our services are laser-focused on their needs and distinctly enhance their ability to focus on patient care,” explains Patrick Bauer, president and chief executive officer of Heartland Dental.

Growth will continue to be necessary as an increasing number of dentists look for the support Dr. Workman envisioned. That umbrella of support includes non-clinical administrative services, continuing professional education and leadership training.

Those needs did not come as a result of research or surveys. Dr. Workman discovered them through his own experiences as a solo practitioner in Effingham, Illinois – where he would later base Heartland Dental. He knew there had to be a better way, not just for himself but for future dentists in any phase of their career.

“Simply put, Dr. Workman is a dentist who understands dentists,” says Dr. Bill Bloink, founding partner and a Heartland Dental supported doctor since its inception. “His vision endures as the company has grown through the value the organization creates for supported doctors while they serve patients in their respective communities.”

With nearly 125 offices affiliating in 2019 alone, Heartland Dental is poised for continued growth, which Dr. Workman says is owed to two things.

“Heartland Dental’s significant growth is a combination of the trust that dentists place in our support services and the dedication of our network of business and support professionals.”

Forging ahead into 2020, Heartland Dental will continue to put its supported doctors and offices first by giving them the tools to practice on their own terms.



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