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Heartland Dental Continuing Education Classes

What is Dental Office Management Software?

What is Dental Office Management Software?


Dental office management software is a class of software solutions that help dentists and dental office managers handle many of the business functions of operating a practice. These business functions can include day-to-day tasks like appointment setting, charting,...

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Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, so staying up-to-date on new techniques and technologies is important for any medical professional. The dental industry is no different. Besides mastering clinical techniques, dentists can benefit from having essential leadership skills too. At Heartland Dental, we offer both! We provide a handful of continuing education courses that were handcrafted by Heartland Dental. These courses have been specifically designed for our supported doctors, enabling them to build their professional and personal skills.

Here are some opportunities available to our supported doctors:

Aesthetic Continuum: The Aesthetic Continuum is truly a one-of-a-kind program. It is the largest cosmetic live-patient program in the United States. It’s a five-day clinical practicum that offers participating dentists the opportunity to diagnose, treat, plan and execute complete smile designs under the guidance of experienced mentor dentists. For participating patients, the Aesthetic Continuum can be a life-changing opportunity. Many people need new smiles, but can’t afford them. With this program, they’re able to receive brand news smiles for a low cost.

Dental University Communications: This dynamic two-day course offers practical tools for helping dental teams become better communicators with their patients. Supported office teams develop plans of action while learning valuable skills such as how to handle different patient personalities, determining what’s important to each patient and discovering the keys to listening. This class is open to supported doctors and their teams!

Doctor Mastery Program: The Doctor Mastery Program is a fairly new initiative. This program helps supported dentists of all experience levels become the definitive dental leaders in their respective marketplaces. The DMP consists of clinical and business training by leading clinicians and business experts. Upon completion of this extensive program, participants will have earned a Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Leadership: The Dr. Leadership series mixes clinical education with proven leadership and communication techniques. This course helps supported dentists of all experience levels advance themselves as clinicians and leaders in their practice and communities. This knowledge is presented by Heartland Dental clinical leaders, lead mentors and top industry professionals.

Dr. LEADS: Every summer, Dr. LEADS (Learning Essentials for Achieving Success) takes place at Heartland Dental’s main campus in Effingham, IL. Typically, the class lasts about three days and is open to recent graduates who have joined Heartland Dental. Attendees have the opportunity to divulge in a variety of clinical and non-clinical topics that will help them be successful and feel accomplished in the dental environment. The program also introduces them to the foundation of the company and provides them the opportunity to network with Heartland Dental leadership and their fellow colleagues.

Partnering for Excellence: Similar to the Dr. Leaderships series, Partnering for Excellence focuses on partnership, leadership and clinical training for advanced industry topics. Supported doctors who have had multiple clinical and leadership experience find this course helps keep them updated on new trends in dentistry and provides them with the skills they need to continually strengthen leadership within the team. This is a two-part course.

Winter Conference: Our 2017 Winter Conference is quickly approaching! This two-day course takes place during December and is the largest single gathering of our supported doctors. Each year they have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions on a variety of topics and participate in keynote presentations from leadership and clinical speakers. This year, we’re proud to welcome speakers like Bonnie St. John, Patrick Lencioni, Dave Ramsey and Dr. Brian Gray. Additionally, supported doctors will build relationships with our preferred vendors at the Supplier Showcase and learn about their products. The weekend ends with our annual Holiday Party, which is a get way to wrap up the event and celebrate the current year and what’s to come.

We’re always looking for new ways to expand the knowledge of our supported doctors, and want to help build their teams too! Recently, we developed an online learning management system, Homeroom, which helps supported doctors and team members gain access to continuing education courses from the office or even at home.

What types of continuing education courses do you enjoy most?