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Free Dentistry Day

Midwinter Meeting Spotlight | A Passion for Dental Knowledge and Empowerment

Midwinter Meeting Spotlight | A Passion for Dental Knowledge and Empowerment


Later this week, dental professionals from across the country will descend on Chicago for the 155th Midwinter Meeting. Starting Thursday, February 20, and wrapping up Saturday, February 22, members of the dental community will gather to learn from leaders in dental...

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Looking back on over 20 years of community involvement by Heartland Dental supported offices, you will see canned food drives, Starbucks takeovers, and complimentary smile makeovers donated across the nation. Out of all supported office initiatives, Free Dentistry Day has become a pillar of support toward the commitment to world-class patient care that is made every day by our supported dentists and their teams.

Free Dentistry Day is a day chosen by a supported dentist and their team that is dedicated to providing free dental care to their community. Participating dentists and their teams offer a variety of services, including: cleanings, sealants, fillings, extractions and oral cancer screenings.

“It's not just us taking a Saturday to make ourselves feel better. We are actually making a big difference. It's a very different feel when you're able to have these patients come in, who you've never seen before, express to you their pain, their concerns, and you able to help them, and they walk out with that smile, [and a] ‘Thank you, Doc.” – Dr. Huang, Supported Dentist

Originally pioneered in 2010, Free Dentistry Day has grown exponentially due to the passion for quality patient care shown by the thousands of participating Heartland Dental supported offices. Over the past eight years, supported dentists and their teams have donated over $10 million in free dentistry through Heartland Dental’s Free Dentistry Day initiative.

“It's showing kindness this day. I think it's giving from the heart. The dentists are coming in on a Saturday, the team members are coming in on a Saturday, and it’s so wonderful that we can do this for people that cannot afford it. In the end, it's all worth it, so it means a lot for us. It means a lot to the dentists to be here, and we make it fun.” – Jodi Peyrefitte, Practice Manager of Operations

In 2018, Heartland Dental supported offices served 6,247 patients and donated over $2.4 million in dental care. We are proud of the passion and dedication our supported doctors and teams have shown for their communities over the last 20 years.   



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