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Employee Spotlight: Dental Assistant 

By Heartland Dental

Meet dental assistant Christina Arion! Christina works as a lead dental assistant mentor at one of our supported practices in Indiana. Christina has an enthusiasm for not only helping her patients but other dental assistants as well.

“Hi! My name is Christina, and I am a lead dental assistant mentor. I joined Heartland Dental through an affiliation in 1998. I was here at the beginning of Heartland Dental! While I did leave the supported practice, I decided to rejoin the Heartland Dental family later in life. I came back because I knew that Heartland Dental would be able to help me grow myself and build others in the career that I love.

I became a mentor so that I could share my experiences with other dental assistants. My ultimate goal: sharing my skills to help others personally and professionally. It is rewarding for myself as much as it is to the people I serve.

I love so much about my job, but there is nothing like the creativeness of placing an anterior resin on a broken tooth to help a patient smile again! Also, I am very passionate about coaching both the technical and communication skills that build teams to serve their patients above and beyond their expectations.

If I had any advice to give to dental assistants looking to join the Heartland Dental family, it would be that you are your worst enemy. Be patient with yourself. Each day, celebrate what you did that you weren't able to do the day before. Always be the person who will do the right thing, for the right reason at the right moment."

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