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Dr. LEADS Recap

By Heartland Dental

In July, we hosted nearly over 150 newly supported doctors at our Home Office in Effingham, IL for our annual Dr. LEADS event. For most, this was their first authentic experience as part of the Heartland Dental family. We welcomed them for three days, giving them the opportunity to see our support first-hand, hear from Heartland Dental leaders and receive hands-on clinical training from industry professionals. Dr. Monica Attia was among this year’s Dr. LEADS participants. She recaps her experience!

“I originally heard about Heartland Dental during my first and second year of dental school through various events they hosted, and then I started doing my own research. Beyond what I could find on my own, I talked to a few of my classmates and people at other dental schools. The more I learned, the more I felt like I could find a home at Heartland Dental and that it was the right place for me.

My recruiter Brittany told me I’d be attending a continuing education event at Heartland Dental’s Home Office in the summer. I was excited, but nervous – I didn’t know what to expect. I’m the only person in my dental class who chose to be supported by Heartland Dental, so unlike some of the other students who got to see some former classmates, I was on my own.

The first day we had the opportunity to hear from Heartland Dental leaders like the founder, Dr. Rick Workman and President and CEO, Patrick Bauer. It was very interesting to hear about the history of Heartland Dental and get some personal insight into the company. That evening, we were invited to Dr. Workman’s home to network with company leadership and our peers. It was nice to have the opportunity to meet other new graduates who are experiencing the same things you are.

The second and third day were clinical heavy, and we received hands-on Invisalign and Endodontic training. I knew I would get the chance to learn hands-on, and the knowledge we gained was invaluable. Dr. George Bruder, who taught the Endo class, had lots of great tips for us. I actually brought one to my mentor dentist who I work with. During one of the days I was shadowing, I told him what Dr. Bruder had taught us about drying the canal. He said, ‘Let’s try it!’ His mind was blown afterwards. It’s nice to learn the information and be able to pass it onto tenured dentists.

One of my favorite parts of Dr. LEADS was the doctor panel. Knowing the panelists were Dr. LEADS participants last year was a good reminder that a lot of people have been in our shoes. It was also encouraging to see how successful and confident they’ve become in just a year. I hope to be in a similar position one year from now.

Looking back, those three days went by so fast, and we learned so much! Not just about being a dentists, but about ourselves and each other and the company. I realized that each doctor in attendance has the same goal – to do good things for our patients and help them leave better than when they came in. I learned a lot of new things, new materials, and new techniques and even met some new people! As mentioned previously, I knew no one going into this experience, but by the time I left I had met a couple girls who are practicing near me. We’ve stayed in touch through group text messages and are planning to attend a doctor dinner together. The people you meet at Dr. LEADS are connections you’ll have forever. If I could give someone in next year’s class one piece of advice, that would be it – Be social and meet as many people as you can. You have a whole network of Heartland Dental supported doctors and mentors behind you. Don’t take it for granted!”

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