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Affiliation Story | Dr. Richard Gangwisch

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Midwinter Meeting Spotlight | A Passion for Dental Knowledge and Empowerment


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Since 1977, Dr. Richard Gangwisch of Killian Hill Dental Care in Lilburn, GA has made a name for himself in the community by providing high-quality care to his patients and by being an active member of the professional community. At the point in his career where he began considering transition options, Dr. Gangwisch had a few goals in mind: to realize the full value for the practice he had worked so hard to build, the option to practice part-time post transition and to make sure his practice would remain a great place for his staff and his patients.

“I wanted a company that allowed me to be the leader of my office and to treat my patients and staff with the care and quality that I had while operating as a private practice. But, that’s the beauty of Heartland Dental. You get to maintain the things that make you and your practice unique. You just get access to a bunch of tools that make operating your practice even easier.”

After receiving offers from three different companies, Dr. Gangwisch chose Heartland Dental.

“Three years in, I am extremely happy, and I know I made the right choice. The most rewarding part was the honesty. Any promises that were made during the affiliation process were fully honored by Heartland Dental.”

But change brings challenges, and affiliating was no different. The biggest challenge for Dr. Gangwisch and his team was the computer system transition.

“We knew before the affiliation that it was going to happen, so it was not a surprise. No matter the experience of the staff, introducing a new way of doing things causes road bumps. There was a learning curve, but once the staff was all trained up, it has been smooth sailing since. If you do have an issue during your affiliation, call a mentor. Heartland Dental has a wonderful community of doctors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are more than happy to help.”

Post-transition, there were a few things Dr. Gangwisch didn’t expect.

“Since affiliating with Heartland Dental, our production has increased dramatically. My team is now more available to focus on patient care because we were able to delegate so many administrative and management tasks that backed up their day to the Heartland Dental support team. And, our patients never lost the personalized care that they know us for. To our patients, nothing has changed.”

“If you want to back off from management responsibilities and concentrate on practicing dentistry, then Heartland Dental is definitely the right choice. Since it is a doctor-led company, you can make all decisions related to patient care with no corporate interference whatsoever. I had heard horror stories about corporations coming in and dictating how the practice was to be run. Of corporations pressuring dentists into doing unethical treatment just to make a buck. But that is not the Heartland Dental way. They have been there from day one to support me and my team so that we can perform the best quality care and provide ethical dentistry to our patients. My team of 13 is fully intact 3 years after we affiliated, which says a lot. I have been able to manage the practice exactly as I have done for the previous 37 years with no interference. And, when I need something done, I just simply ask the office manager and it is taken care of for me.”

More on Dr. Gangwisch:

Dr. Gangwisch has been an active member of the dental community throughout his career, including working as a Clinical Assistant Professor for Ohio State University, as the Augusta University Dental College of Georgia Dental Officer (former), and as the U.S. Navy Clinical Instructor of Operative Dentistry (former), becoming a member of the Academy of General Dentistry Diplomates of American Board of General Dentistry (Board Certified General Dentist), achieving the Emory University School of Dentistry Fellowship and Mastership, receiving the Academy of General Dentistry Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition Award. He is a published author for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and a volunteer dentist for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. He’s even involved on the more local level as a youth baseball coach for the Ben Massell Dental Clinic and as a member of the Brookwood Athletic Association.

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