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Affiliation Spotlight | Dr. Santorsola

What is the Job Outlook for Dentists?

What is the Job Outlook for Dentists?


The numbers are in, and the job outlook for dentists is good! According to 2018 “Best Jobs” rankings from U.S. News & World Report, a career as a dentist is ranked #2 in the U.S. overall, second only to software developer. It is one of the most popular health careers,...

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We are very happy to welcome Dr. Anthony Santorsola to the Heartland Dental family! Back in May, Dr. Santorsola became our first supported dentist in the Seattle area, and we are very excited to share this journey.

After graduating from the University of Washington with his dental degree in 1981, Dr. Santorsola made a name for himself in the dental industry through providing high-quality patient care as a general practitioner with broad surgical field experience. Throughout his nearly 40-year career, Dr. Santorsola has joined and held positions in a variety of professional organizations and has lectured all over the United States and Canada on topics such as the importance of comprehensive treatment planning and how to have effective communication in the office. His peers have even voted him “Seattle’s Top Dentist” in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine every year since 2009!

However, after seeing and experiencing the challenges that most individual practitioners face for nearly 40 years, he began to consider affiliating with Heartland Dental to gain support. Unfortunately, at the time, Washington’s Dental Practice Act did not allow for dental support organizations (DSOs) like Heartland Dental to support dental offices in the state. However, the Dental Practice Act changed its rules in July of 2017, and Dr. Santorsola reached back out to restart the affiliation process.

Since joining the Heartland Dental family and becoming Heartland Dental’s first office in the Seattle area, Dr. Santorsola has enjoyed the feeling of having management burdens removed from his shoulders. While he chooses to stay busy on the clinical side and practice dentistry just as much as before, he appreciates having less front office and management concerns on his plate.

“The thing that has been most impressive to my team and I is that whenever we have a question, there is always somebody who has the answer or is willing to go find the answer,” said Dr. Santorsola.

Being a huge advocate for education, Dr. Santorsola is looking forward to seeing what Heartland Dental can offer him in terms of continuing education. He also has been impressed and reassured by seeing how much supported dentists interact and help each other.

When asked about what advice he would give someone considering affiliating with Heartland Dental, Dr. Santorsola said, “It’s something you should be looking into. Looking at the different pressures that dentists are facing now, this is just a really great opportunity. Heartland Dental has shown an incredible amount of efficiency from my perspective, and I am excited for the future.”

Learn more about what you can gain from affiliating with us here!