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Affiliation Spotlight | Dr. Kaz Zymantas

By Heartland Dental

Since 1979, Dr. Kaz Zymantas of Premier Dental Center in Naperville, IL has made a name for himself in his community by providing high-quality care to his patients. When considering the future of his practice, Dr. Zymantas had a few goals in mind.

“I was curious to see how much my practice was worth but was not ready to retire. My focus was mainly on finding a business partner to help advance my practice, provide management relief and to help offset the financial risk of being a small business owner. Heartland Dental was able to offer solutions to each of these.”

After reading about Heartland Dental in an industry journal, Dr. Zymantas reached out.

“They gave me a fair offer for my practice and my building. At the time, my wife was managing the business side. She was doing a great job, but it wasn’t her passion, and she was ready to take a step back. Affiliating meant less stress on both of us, not only in her no longer managing the practice, but also in relieving the financial risk of being the sole owners of the practice. Knowing that my wife won’t have to bear the burden of selling the practice, likely at a fraction of what it is worth now, is a major relief. This practice is a big part of our legacy in the community. Thinking of someone getting a ‘deal’ on what we’ve worked so hard to build is excruciating. Now, we don’t have to worry about that either.”

Change brings challenges, and affiliating was no different. For Dr. Zymantas and his team, the benefits were worth the work.

“Doctors should be open to new ways of doing things. I had no problem accepting almost all the management and operational alterations. Clinically, my staff is so much more aligned because they’ve all completed the same training, so they know what to expect from each other. The level of proficiency they have achieved, both in their individual roles and as a team, has allowed us to be more efficient and more effective in the care that we provide our patients.”

Since affiliating with Heartland Dental, Dr. Zymantas has noticed change in not only himself, but in his team and in his patients.

“My stress is significantly reduced, and I’m making even more money because I’m not spending time on the administrative side of the practice, and I am no longer responsible for the building. Our patients have fewer surprises with their care because, with Heartland Dental systems and added technology, my team has a higher level of patient care plan comprehension and their responsibilities in care execution. Our whole team is more aligned with our practice philosophy. Because we are all so much more in sync, they have experienced stress relief too. Not sure if it is a coincidence, but the team I have right now is the absolute best staff that I have ever worked with. I cannot imagine any other solution provides the level of training to in-office support staff that Heartland Dental does.”

With the help of Heartland Dental, Dr. Zymantas didn’t have to sacrifice anything to realize his goals.

“Affiliate ASAP. Most dentists have no desire to administer and manage a dental practice. I spoke to several Heartland Dental supported doctors during the affiliation process and all of them had only one regret—I wish I would have done this 10 years ago. I don’t have that regret, but I know for certain that my practice would be even more advanced in growth and care today if I would have affiliated sooner.”

Learn more about what you can gain from affiliating with us here!

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