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Affiliation Spotlight | Dr. Deno Chrysostom

By Heartland Dental

Since 1976, Dr. Deno Chrysostom of West Columbia Family Dentistry in West Columbia, SC has made a name for himself in his community by providing high-quality care to his patients. His vision of his career was always to achieve success, to continue enjoying his work, and to provide the best possible care to his patients. All of which he achieved. But, like many successful doctors, Dr. Chrysostom was experiencing more and more stress as his practice, and success, continued to grow.

“Prior to joining Heartland Dental, I really couldn't go anywhere and not have my mind on business. It didn't matter. I could be at the butterfly ovarium in Key West, Florida, one of my favorite places to go, and I'd still be thinking about how it's going back at the office. Are they getting this done? Are they getting that done?”

Then, a fellow dentist revealed that his office was a Heartland Dental supported practice and encouraged him to consider the partnership.

“I was introduced to Heartland Dental by a long-time friend and peer. He told me that my practice was the kind that they were looking for and, if I were ever interested, to reach out to him with any questions. I really didn't discuss it with a lot of people, except a couple of close friends, and, of course, my wife, Kay. When I explained to her what affiliating with Heartland Dental could mean for us, she said, ‘Honey, I think that would be wonderful for you.’"

And so, Dr. Chrysostom took the first step.

“It was seamless, everything went well. The evaluation was fair, and the offer was very, very generous. Things really took off when we went to new employee orientation in Effingham, where we got the opportunity to actually witness what a wonderful company we partnered with.”

With Heartland Dental’s support, a day out of the office now looks much different for Dr. Chrysostom.

“When I go out of the office now, I just go and I know they are going to take care of my patients. I don't have to think about the business side of the practice anymore. Not once, since affiliating, I haven’t had to stress about the business of the practice, and that has been a huge relief. My wife tells me that I'm less stressed than she's ever seen me in my whole life. Things are wonderful.”

Considering Heartland Dental?

“To those who are contemplating joining our very fine company: if you find yourself on the fence: Stop wasting time, and just come on over. I intend to keep Heartland Dental in my future for as long as I'm able to practice Dentistry. I have no plans to retire. Okay, I could retire. But, I have no plans to retire. I absolutely love what I do. I love my patients. I love my staff. It's like a big family. This organization that I'm so fortunate to be part of has just been a real blessing for me. So, I don't know. We'll see what God has in store, but I have no intentions of stopping as long as I'm able to continue do what I love, which is Dentistry.”

Learn more about what you can gain from affiliating with us here!

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