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A Day in the Life as an Office Manager

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Life as an office manager when working in a dental office isn’t really that much different than being an office manager in just about any other practice. To show you what you can expect as an office manager, we’d like to go a bit more in depth about this specific occupation.

The Duties of an Office Manager

There are a number of duties that an office manager may have to perform for his or her role. In fact, one of the most notable aspects of an office manager is the sheer variety of tasks that need to be performed. An office manager may be required to:

  • Coach team members on how to provide extraordinary patient experiences
  • Schedule team members so operational requirements can be fulfilled 
  • Prepare payroll and help ensure the office's finances are aligned to goals
  • Coordinate daily team huddles, weekly team meetings, and quarterly meetings
  • Assist with interviewing and training of new hires
  • Serve as the point person for office management duties
  • Maintain protocols and guidelines around HIPAA and OSHA

What Makes a Great Office Manager

There are many different qualities that go into making a great office manager. These include:

  • Flexibility – Because the duties of an office manager can differ from day to day, a great office manager will need to know how to adapt in order to accomplish whatever tasks are asked of him or her.
  • Organization – Again, since an office manager will have a lot on his or her plate, it’ll be important for that person to be capable of handling everything that’s going on.
  • Communication – The office manager will be training and explaining things to the other members of the practice often, making communication a key trait.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Since a large part of an office manager’s job deals with managing people, it’s crucial to fully understand how to manage different personalities.
  • Optimism – Lastly, we want to mention that the office manager is one of the centers of the company and has a strong connection to the other employees, making an optimistic and positive attitude an important trait to keep others’ spirits up.

Why an Office Manager Should Join Us at Heartland Dental

Office managers are referred to as Practice Manager of Operations because you are more than just an office manager. You'll be a key point of contact for team members as well as a liaison between the supported practice and our Support Offices.

While you can start out as a Practice Manager of Operations, it can one day lead to a job that includes Regional Manager of Operations or Regional Director of Operations. When you team up with Heartland Dental, you won’t be stuck with an unfulfilling job – we’ll make sure that you’ll have plenty of room to advance your career.