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A Champion in Education

What is the Job Outlook for Dentists?

What is the Job Outlook for Dentists?


The numbers are in, and the job outlook for dentists is good! According to 2018 “Best Jobs” rankings from U.S. News & World Report, a career as a dentist is ranked #2 in the U.S. overall, second only to software developer. It is one of the most popular health careers,...

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One of the prime reasons dentists choose Heartland Dental’s support is our commitment to offering world-class continuing education opportunities. Whether you’re looking to advance your clinical skills, learn the ins and outs of the latest dental technology, become a patient communication extraordinaire or an outstanding team leader, we’ve got you covered. Through our learning management system, Homeroom, supported dentists and team members can access a host of CE opportunities anywhere, anytime.

Heartland Dental’s Education team has made such incredible strides with Homeroom, that recently we were named one of Elearning! Magazine’s High Performers for 2018. This award recognized our company’s achievements with implementing a learning management system and converting more than 90% of in-person training into an online learning environment. On top of that, our own Instructional Design Manager, Ciara Daume, received the Learning! Champion Award for her outstanding contributions with the digital transformation.

With Homeroom, we are able to reach more people at one time than ever before, offer a higher level of convenience and accessibility, and build world-class training programs for new team members. Since making the shift to blended learning, Heartland Dental has saved $18.5 million via saved time and decrease in travel/in-person training costs.

That’s just a taste of what’s possible with Homeroom. As everything in healthcare becomes digital, our advancements in online learning is another step in Heartland Dental’s evolution – and it’s all based on creating more value for you. You deserve the ability to customize your learning experience based on your specific needs and desires.

You can read more about eLogic Learning’s case study on Heartland Dental here.