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The Responsibilities Of A Dentist

Dentists Have A Wide Variety Of Responsibilities, Including Patient Care, Administrative Tasks, & More. Navigate These Responsibilities With Help.

Dental Lessons from the Barber's Chair

Dental Lessons from the Barber's Chair


Dr. Jacob Berger, practicing dentist at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, had a unique first job. In 8th grade, he started working as a barber to help support his family financially. Working there for nine years, his experiences inspired his spotlight...

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Dentists have many responsibilities when it comes to administrative tasks and patient care.

Administrative Tasks

  • Hiring New Employees
  • Training Employees
  • Managing Team
  • Monitoring Legal Claims
  • Continuing Education
  • Maintaining Dental Records
  • Leading Staff In Patient Care
  • Ensuring PHI Encryption
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Purchasing New Equipment
  • Marketing The Practice
  • Community Involvement
  • Monitoring Cash Flow
  • Billing Insurance Companies
  • Ensuring Premises Are Safe

Patient Care

  • Promoting Oral Health & Disease Prevention
  • Cleaning & Repairing Teeth
  • Interpreting X-rays & Diagnostic Tests
  • Creating Treatment Plans To Maintain Or Restore The Oral Health
  • Ensuring The Safe Administration Of Anesthetics
  • Monitoring The Growth & Development Of The Teeth & Jaws
  • Performing Surgical Procedures When Necessary
  • Educating Patients Regarding Best Oral Health Practices
  • Preventing Periodontal Disease
  • Referring Patients To Specialists
  • Performing Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Placing Sealants Or Whitening Agents On Teeth
  • Fitting Patients For Dentures, Crowns, & Other Dental Appliances
  • Writing Prescriptions For Antibiotics & Other Medications

Navigate the many responsibilities of being a dentist with help. Learn more about Heartland Dental, the nation's leading dental support organization.